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Plumbago Rosea Rose-coloured Leadwort

Class and Order.

Pentandria Monogynia.

Generic Character.

Corolla infundibuliformis: Stamina squamis basin corollæ claudentibus inserta. Stigma 5-fidum. Sem. 1. oblongum tunicatum.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

PLUMBAGO rosea foliis petiolatis ovatis glabris, subdenticulatis caule geniculis gibbosis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. p. 199. Sp. Pl. ed. 3. p. 215. Ait. Kew. v. 1. p. 205.

PLUMBAGO zeylanica, folio splendento ocymastri, flore rubro. Burm. Zeyl. 195.

RADIX vesicatoria. Rumph. Amboin. 5. p. 453. t. 168.

The Plumbago rosea, one of the most ornamental plants which we keep in our stoves, is a native of India, from whence it was introduced to this country by the late Dr. Fothergill, in the year 1777, posterior to the publication of the last edition of Mr. Miller's Dictionary.

It is a shrubby plant, which frequently grows to the height of four or five feet, and is perpetually putting forth flowering spikes; these continue a long while in blossom, and hence, with proper management, it may be had to flower during most of the year, a very desirable circumstance in a plant of such singular beauty.

The usual mode of increasing it is by cuttings, which strike freely.

Its parts of fructification, whether we regard their colour or structure, are highly deserving of notice.

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