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Sow in March or April, in rich light soil, allowing theplants to remain in the seed-beds until the following spring; then transplant into beds thoroughly prepared by trenching the ground 3 ft. deep, and mixing about a foot thick of well-rotted manure

and a good proportion of broken bones and salt with the soil. The plants should stand 2 ft. apart. In dry weather water liberally with liquid manure, and fork in a good supply of manure every autumn. Give protection in winter. The plants should not be cut for use until they become strong and throw up fine grass, and cutting should not be continued late in the season. April is a good time for making new beds. The roots should be planted as soon as possible after they are lifted, as exposure to the air is very injurious to them. Asparagus Plumosus Nanus is a greenhouse variety, bearing fern-like foliage. The seeds should be sown in slight heat early in spring.

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