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This greenhouse herbaceous perennial is a drawing-roompalm, and is interesting from the fact that it produces its flowers beneath the surface of the soil. It thrives in any fairly good mould, but to grow it to perfection it should be accommodated with

three parts loam, one part leaf-mould, and one part sand. It will do in any position, but is best shaded from the midday sun. It may be increased by suckers, or by dividing the roots in April, May, or June. Supply the plant freely with water, especially when root-bound. When dusty, the leaves should be sponged with tepid milk and water--a teacup of the former to a gallon of the latter. This imparts a gloss to the leaves. A poor sandy soil is more suitable for the variegated kind, as this renders the variegation more constant. Height, 1 ft. to 2 ft.

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