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This is a species of primrose, and is sometimes calledBear's Ear from the shape of its leaves. It succeeds best in a mixture of loam and peat, or in four parts rotten loam, two parts rotten cow dung, and one part silver

sand; delights in shade, and will not bear too much water. It makes an effective border to beds, and is readily propagated by off-sets taken early in autumn, or in February or March, by division of roots immediately after flowering, or from seed sown in March on gentle heat in firmly pressed light, rich soil, covered with a piece of glass and shaded from the sun till the plants are well up, when sun and air is needed. When large enough to handle, prick them out in a cold frame 6 in. apart, and keep them there through the winter. Take care to press the soil well round the roots of off-sets. October is a good time for making new borders. The half-hardy kinds require the protection of a house in winter. Height, 6 in.

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