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Charming, sweet-scented flowers, suitable for either potcultivation or the border. In August or September place five bulbs in a well-drained 5-in. pot, using rich, light, very sandy soil; cover them completely, and press the mould down gently. Water very sparingly until the roots

are well formed; indeed, if the soil is moist when the bulbs are planted, no water will be needed till the new growth appears above ground. Stand the pots in ashes and cover them with 3 in. of cocoa-nut fibre. When the flower spikes are formed, give weak liquid manure twice a week till the flowers open. Keep them in a temperature of 55 degrees. When the foliage begins to die down gradually, lessen the amount of moisture given. The bulbs while dormant are best left in the pots. For cultivation in the open, choose a warm situation, make the soil light and sandy, adding a good proportion of well-rotted manure, and plant the bulbs 5 in. deep either in autumn or spring. Height, 6 in. to 9 in.

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