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Cereus Macdonaldiae


A somewhat succulent genus of conservatory plants. They allrequire a very rich loamy soil containing a little sand; and heat, moisture, and shade are essential to their health. Cuttings 2 or 3 in. long will root readily in spring or summer. Stand the cuttings in the shade and do not over-water them; or they may be raised from seed sown in March in a hot-house or frame having a temperature of 65 degrees. Height, 1 ft. to 3 ft. Tuberous Begonias should be planted in small pots placed in heat, early in spring, and at intervals of a fortnight for succession, using a compost of equal parts of fibrous loam, leaf-mould, and sand. Press the soil rather firmly so as to promote sturdy growth, and only just cover the top of the tuber. Water moderately till the plants begin to grow freely. Gradually harden off, and plant out the last week in May or early in June, or shift into larger pots for conservatory decoration. Cuttings may be taken in April. The plants may also be raised from seed sown in February or March in a temperature of 65 degrees. Before sowing mix the seed with silver sand, then sprinkle it evenly over a box or pan of moist, fine, light loam and silver sand; cover with a sheet of glass, and keep shaded. Transplant into small pots, and pot on from time to time as the plants increase in size. Plants so treated will flower in June or July. When the leaves of the old plants turn yellow keep the roots quite dry, afterwards turn them out of the pots and bury them in cocoa-nut fibre till January, when they must be re-potted.

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