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Sow in February or early in March on a mild hotbed for theearliest crop. Prick the seedlings off into shallow boxes as soon as they are large enough to handle, and keep them rather close and warm until they are established. Towards

the end of March prick them out in rows in a frame, setting them 6 in. apart each way, and early in May transfer to rather shallow trenches, protecting them from night frosts. For main and late crops sow in a cold frame in April and plant out in June or July, 9 in. apart, in trenches 3 ft. distant from each other, 9 in. wide, and 18 in. deep, pressing the soil firmly round the roots. Earthing up should be delayed until the plants are nearly full grown, and should be done gradually; but let the whole be completed before the autumn is far advanced. When preparing the trench plenty of manure should be dug into the soil. Water liberally until earthed up to ensure crisp, solid hearts, and an occasional application of liquid manure will benefit the plants. During winter protect from frost with straw, or other suitable material.

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