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These Australian plants delight in rich turfy peat mixedwith fibrous loam, leaf-mould, and coarse sand. When freshly potted they should be given a warm part of the greenhouse and watered cautiously till they are in full growth, when a little clear liquid manure

may be given twice a week. May be shifted at any time except from October to Christmas. Propagated by cuttings about 1 or 2 in. long of half-ripened young wood taken in July or August, and inserted in sand under a glass. When the pots are full of roots shift the plants into larger sizes. They bloom nearly all the year round, especially in the winter and spring. The plants have rather a rambling habit, and are usually trained over balloon or pyramidal trellises; but this trouble can be spared by cutting them back freely and employing a few light sticks to keep them within bounds.

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