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Evergreen shrubs which will grow in any soil and areeasily increased by layers. C. Hookeriana attains the dimensions of small trees, and produces a profusion of white flowers and bright crimson berries. C. Simonsii is largely used as a hedge. Height, 6

ft. to 8 ft. C. Rupestris is a small-leaved, prostrate perennial species, bearing white flowers from May to August, followed by red berries. Height, 3 in. Cotyledon Chrysantha (Umbilicus).--A choice Alpine succulent which thrives in a sandy loam, or in well-drained pots of the same soil. It flowers from May to August, and is multiplied by cuttings, which must be left to dry for a few days in a sunny place. Flowers are produced from May to August. Height, 3 in.

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