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Dwarf-growing evergreen shrubs of pretty habit. Thegolden stems and leaves of D. Chrysophylla render that variety specially attractive. A sandy loam is most suitable for their growth. They require the warmest situation the garden affords, and to be protected during the winter. Cuttings

strike readily. They flower in August. Height, 2 ft. Disbudding--The object of Disbudding is to prevent the growth of branches which, from their position, would be useless to the tree, and would consequently have to be cut away later on. The process is both simple and expeditious. The trees are gone over once a week during the spring, and the useless buds are rubbed off with the thumb, taking off first those which are most unfavourably situated. The work should be done gradually, so as not to give any check to the tree. The term is also applied to the pinching out of flower-buds, such as those of the Chrysanthemum, so as to give more room and strength to the remaining blooms.

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