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Ericas (Heaths)

It is useless to attempt to grow these beautifulshrubs unless proper soil is provided. The free-growing kinds thrive best in good black peat and require large pots. The dwarf and hard-wooded kinds must be provided with sandy peat, and the pots thoroughly well

drained. They need less water than the free-growing kinds. They all want a good deal of air, and must not be crowded too closely together. Protect from frost and damp. Cuttings off the tender tops of the shoots planted in sand under glass will strike. The cuttings of the stronger-growing kinds should be somewhat longer. As soon as rooted, pot off singly, place in a close frame, and harden off by degrees. The hardy sorts grow in a sandy peat, and may be increased by layers or by cuttings. They bloom at various times. Height, 6 in. to 4 ft. (See "Heaths, Greenhouse.")

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