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Ferns from Seed

Collect the spore-fronds towards the end of summer,just as the spore-cases begin to open. Place them on a sheet of paper in a box for a few days, keeping it in a dry place. Most of the spores will fall out, the

others may be rubbed out with the hand. These spores will keep good a long time, but are best sown within a year. Fill the pots with good heavy loam, water freely, and apply a coating of charcoal, coarse sand, and sphragnum moss, rubbed through a fine sieve. Damp the surface, sow the spores thinly, and cover with glass. Keep the soil moist by standing the pots for a time each day up to their rim in water. No surface water should be given. Stand the pots in a warm, light place in the greenhouse, but keep them shaded from the sun. When the surface is covered with growth, prick out into pans or boxes, using a rich, light soil. When they are large enough pot them off singly in thumb-pots, re-potting as soon as these are filled with roots.

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