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The cultivation of Gages is similar to that of Plums. In theopen they may be grown as dwarfs or pyramids, and in orchard-houses as gridirons, cordons, or in pots. The chief points to observe are to thin the branches in order to

admit plenty of light into the middle of the tree, thus inducing the production of a plentiful supply of fruit spurs, and to occasionally lift and root-prune the tree if growing too strong. Among the choicest sorts are: Bonne Bouche (producing its fruit at the end of August), Coe's Golden Drop (end of September), Old Green Gage (August), Guthrie's Late Green Gage (September), M'Laughlin's Gage (end of August), Oullin's Golden Gage (end of August), and Reine Claude de Bavay (beginning of October).

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