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Grasses, Ornamental

Fine for mixing in a green state with cutflowers, or in a dried condition for the decoration of vases, winter bouquets, etc. To have them in perfection gather them while quite fresh, with the pollen on them. Cut with as long stems

as possible, arrange lightly in vases, and keep them in the dark till they are dried and the stems become stiff. The Grasses may be divided into two sections, viz., those for bouquets or edgings, and those grown in the border or on lawns for specimen plants. The class is numerous, but the following (which may be found described herein under alphabetical classification) may be mentioned:-- For bouquets and edgings: Agrostis, Anthoxanthum, Avena, Briza, Coix Lachryma, Eragrostis, Festuca, Hordeum Jubatum, Lagurus, and Stipa Pennata. For specimen plants: Eulalia, Gynerium, Panicum, Phalaris, and Zea.

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