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Holly (Ilex)

This pleasing hardy evergreen shrub thrives best ona deep, sandy loam, but will grow in any good soil, provided the position is dry. It succeeds well in the shade. Cuttings of young shoots having 1 in. of the old wood attached will

strike root, but the plant is of very slow growth, and takes at least four years to grow into a good bush. Choice varieties may be grafted or budded on to the common sorts in June or July. To grow Holly from seed, gather the berries when ripe, crush them, and mix them up with a little sandy loam, bury them in a hole 3 ft. deep, and cover with litter. Dig them up and sow them in March. Big bushes are best moved at the end of August, mixing the earth to a puddle before planting. The less pruning they receive the better. They may be trimmed in spring.

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