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May be raised from seed or cuttings. Sow the seed aboutthe second week of March in very rich soil, and cover it with 1 in. of dry earth. In June (having soaked the bed thoroughly overnight) remove the young plants to a

nursery-bed, setting them 6 in. apart. Press the earth firmly round the roots, and water plentifully until settled. In the autumn plant them where they are to bloom. Cuttings may be taken as soon as the flowers appear, or from the old plants in autumn. Each joint having an eye will furnish a plant. Select side branches having two or three joints and leaves. Cut the shoots through just under the lower joint, leaving the leaf entire; cut it also about 2 in. above the joint. Plant in equal parts of loam, gritty sand, and leaf-mould; shelter from the sun, and sprinkle them every day in fine weather with water. If the cuttings are taken in autumn pot them off in 60-sized pots, and keep them in a cold frame till the spring, when they may be planted out. Flowers in August. Height, 6 ft.

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