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Hotbeds, to Make

Take dead leaves and stable-straw, with the dung,in the proportion of two double loads for a three-light frame. Turn it over four or five times during a fortnight, watering it if it is dry. Then mark out the bed, allowing 1 ft.

or more each way than the size of the frame. Shake the compost well up, and afterwards beat it down equally with the fork. Place the frame on the bed, leaving the lights off for four or five days to allow the rank steam to escape. Keep a thermometer in the frame, and as soon as the temperature falls below 70 degrees apply a lining of fresh dung to the front and one side of the bed, and when this again declines, add another lining to the back and other side, and so on from time to time as occasion requires. The mats used for covering the frames in frosty weather should be made to fit the top, and not hang over the sides.

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