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Ornamental hardy herbaceous plants, of easy culture.They are suitable for the border or the rockery, and will grow in any soil if not too dry and exposed. The tuberous roots may be planted at any time in autumn, 4 in. deep. I.

Delavayi makes a fine solitary or lawn plant, its leaves being from 1 to 3 ft. long; the soft rose-pink, Mimulus-shaped flowers, which are carried on stout stems well above the foliage, appearing in May. Care should be taken not to disturb it in spring, and it is advisable to cover the roots in winter with a pyramid of ashes, which may be carefully removed at the end of April. Incarvilleas may be propagated by seed sown, as soon as it is ripe, in light, well-drained soil, giving the young plants protection in a frame during the first winter, with enough water merely to keep them moist. Height, 2 ft.

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