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A very beautiful half-hardy biennial, but difficult tocultivate. Some gardeners steep the seed in hot water before sowing it; but the best way seems to be to sow it in July in 3-in. pots in equal parts of sandy peat and loam,

ensuring good drainage, and place it in a cold frame, giving it very little water. When the leaves appear, thin out the plants to three or four in each pot. Replace them in the frame for a week or so, then remove them to a light, airy part of the greenhouse for the winter. During this period be careful not to over-water them. In spring shift them into well-drained 4-1/2-in. pots, using the same kind of soil as before, and taking great care not to injure the roots; still give the least possible amount of water. If plenty of light and air be given, they will flower in July or August. Height, 2 ft.

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