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Sow early in February on a slight hotbed, and prick out intoa well-manured and warm border, having the soil broken down fine on the surface. For early summer supplies sow outdoors in March, and at intervals till the middle of September for

later crops. Some of the plants raised in September should be wintered in a cold frame, and the remainder transplanted to a dry, sheltered border, or protected with hand-lights. The June and July sowings may be made where the plants are intended to remain. They should stand from 6 to 9 in. apart. A north border is a suitable position in the summer months, as they are less exposed to the sun, and do not run to seed so quickly. The Cos Lettuce requires to be tied up to blanch; this should be done ten days before it is wanted for use. Cabbage Lettuce does not need to be tied.

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