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For summer-flowering plants sow the seed in spring, andthin out to a distance of 9 in. apart. To obtain bloom during the winter and spring successive sowings are necessary. Let the first of these be made the second week in July in light, rich soil; pot off before frost sets in, plunge them in old tan or ashes, and cover with a frame facing the west. Another sowing should be made about the middle of August, giving them the same treatment as the previous; and a third one in February, in gentle heat. Height, 9 in. to 3 ft. The Mignonette tree is produced by taking a vigorous plant of the spring sowing, and removing all the lower shoots in the autumn. Pot it in good loam, and keep it in the greenhouse in a growing state, but removing all the flowers. By the spring the stem will be woody. Let the same treatment be given it the second year, and the third season it will have become a fine shrub. It may be made to bloom during the winter by picking off the blossom in the summer and autumn. Height, 3 ft.

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