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Take partially dry horse manure and lay it in a heapto ferment. Turn and mix it well every few days, and when well and equally fermented, which will be from ten to fourteen days, make it into a bed 4 ft. wide

and 2 ft. deep, mixing it well together and beating or treading it firmly. When the temperature of the bed falls to 75 degrees, or a little under, the spawn may be inserted in pieces about the size of a walnut, 2 in. deep and 6 in. apart. Now give a covering of loamy soil, 2 in. deep, and beat it down evenly and firmly. Finish off with a covering of clean straw or hay about 1 ft. thick. Water when necessary with lukewarm water; but very little should be given till the Mushrooms begin to come up, then a plentiful supply may be given. They may be grown in any warm cellar or shed, and usually appear in from four to six weeks after planting.

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