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O. Arabicum bears a large white flower with a shinyblack centre. It is a fine plant for pot culture, or it may be grown in water like the Hyacinth. It may be planted in the open early in spring in sandy loam

and peat. Take it up before the frost sets in and store it in a dry place, as it requires no moisture while in a dormant state. In September the flowers are produced. Height, 6 in. O. Umbellatum (Star of Bethlehem) is a pretty little flower often found in English meadows, is quite hardy, and once established may be left undisturbed for years. It throws up large heads of starry flowers, which are produced in great abundance. While in a dormant state the bulbs should be kept almost dry. It is propagated by off-sets; flowers in May. Height, 1 ft.

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