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These prefer a good stiff, rather moist, but well-drainedloam, enriched with well-rotted cow-dung, and a sunny situation. February is probably the best time for planting, though some prefer to do it in October. Press the tubers (claws downwards) firmly into the soil, placing

them 2 or 3 in. deep and 4 or 5 in. apart. Cover them with sand, and then with mould. Water freely in dry weather. Protect during winter with a covering of dry litter, which should be removed in spring before the foliage appears. They flower in May or June. Seeds, selected from the best semi-double varieties, sown early in October and kept growing during the winter, will flower the next season. They may likewise be increased by off-sets and by dividing the root. The claws may be lifted at the end of June and stored in dry sand. The plants are poisonous. Height, 8 in. to 12 in.

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