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Plant in October in peat, or in a compost of sandy,turfy loam, with a good proportion of decayed leaves and charred refuse. The best position for them is a sheltered one where they can get a moderate amount of sunshine to develop

the flower-buds. They like plenty of moisture, but the ground must be well drained. If it is desired to shift their position spring is the best time, the next best being October. They are propagated by layers or seeds, and the small wooded kinds by slips torn off close to the stems, planted in sand, and placed under glass in heat. The seed should be sown early in spring in pans of peat soil, and covered very lightly. Place the pans in a frame, and when the soil becomes dry stand the pans in water nearly up to the rims until the surface is moist. Pot off when strong enough to handle, and keep close in the frame till fresh roots are produced, then harden off. Rhododendrons may, when desired, be transplanted in spring, even after the flower-buds are well advanced, if care be taken not to break the ball of earth round their roots. They bloom at the end of May. Height, 4 ft.

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