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Deciduous shrubs may be transplanted at any time during lateautumn or winter when the ground is not too wet. Evergreen shrubs may be moved either early in autumn or in April or May, damp, warm, but not sunny weather being most suitable

for the operation. They rejoice in a clean, healthy soil, such as good loam; animal manure does not agree with them, but wood ashes, or charcoal powder with a little guano, may be used. Cuttings of shrubs or trees may be taken in September, placed in a mixture of sandy loam and leaf-mould with 1/2 in. of sand on top, and covered with a hand-glass; 5 to 8 in. is a good length for the cuttings, all of which, with the exception of about 1 in., should be buried, and preferably with a heel of old wood. Keep the soil just damp and give shade.

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