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For summer use sow the round-seeded kinds at intervals oftwo or three weeks from February to the end of July in rows 1 ft. apart, cover with the finest of soil, and thin out to a distance of 3 or 4 in.

In dry weather give a liberal supply of manure water. Pull before it runs to seed. For winter use sow the prickly-seeded variety in August and September, and thin the plants out 9 in. apart. If the ground is hot and dry, the seed should be soaked for twenty-four hours before it is sown. New Zealand Spinach may be sown in the open during May, choosing the warmest spot for its growth; but it is best to sow it in heat in March, keeping the soil fairly moist, and, after hardening it off, to plant it out in June, 3 ft. apart Sow Perpetual Spinach or Spinach Beet in March in drills 1 ft. apart. Cut the leaves frequently, when a fresh crop will be produced.

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