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Thuya (Arbor Vitae)

Very decorative conifers, mostly of conicalshape, and indispensable to the shrubbery. They thrive in any soil, but prefer a moist situation. For sheltered positions, where a small dome-shaped bush is required, the Chinese Arbor Vitae (Biota Orientalis) is most desirable; it delights in

a heavy soil. The Biota Elegantissima is one of the most unique hardy shrubs cultivated, and presents a bright golden appearance. Another effective yellow variety is the Semperaurescens, which retains its colour throughout the winter, and makes a fine pot-plant. One of the most beautiful of all evergreens is the Thuyopsis Dolabrata; its flat, spray-like leaves are bright green above and silvery below. The China varieties are somewhat tender, and require protection from frost. They may all be propagated from seed or by cuttings.

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