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Tomatoes (Love Apples)

Those intended to be grown in the openshould be raised from seed sown the first week in March in pots of very rich, light mould. Place them in a cucumber-house or other gentle heat, and when the second leaf appears, pot them

off singly, keeping them near the glass and well watered. Towards the end of May remove them to a cold frame to harden off, and plant out as soon as fear of frost is over, in deeply-dug and moderately manured ground, against a south wall fully exposed to the sun. Train to a single stem and remove all lateral growths. When the plants are 3 or 4 ft. high pinch off the tops to prevent further growth and throw strength into the fruit. Watering should cease as soon as the blossom-buds appear, except in periods of very severe drought. When grown under glass Tomatoes need to be trained in much the same way as Grape Vines. Constant attention must be given to removing all useless shoots and exposing the fruit to air and light. An average temperature of 60 degrees should be maintained, with a rather dry and buoyant atmosphere.

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