Small Gardens

Year Calender

JANUARY. Average Temperature 37. In frosty weather wheel manure on to ground. See that every plant which is not quite hardy is well protected from frost. Shake off any snow which may be lying on the branches of fir trees, etc. In mild weather digging may

be done. If it has not already been done cut back all deciduous trees, such as chestnuts, limes and sycamores. Prune all except the tender fruit trees, cutting back weak shoots hard, and strong ones little. Sow early peas on a warm border. Do not transplant this month. Start covering rhubarb with pots or boxes for forcing, and surround them with manure. Paths may be relaid with gravel. The erection of arches, trellis work, or any alteration of this sort may be attended to. Keep all plants under glass clear of decaying leaves and anything likely to cause mouldiness. Raise temperature of greenhouses as the days become lighter.

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