Walnut Growing

Compared With Fruit

In comparing walnut culture with fruit, one must take into consideration the fact that distance from transportation facilities is not a detriment; that there is very little expense in putting out or maintaining a walnut grove; that insects, blight and disease are unknown to

walnut groves of Oregon, thus obviating the cost of spraying; that the expense of harvesting is exceedingly light; that no nut-fruit perishes--that it does not need to be sold at once, but will keep indefinitely, making a lost crop practically impossible. It is estimated by experienced walnut growers that the annual cost of cultivation and pruning should not exceed $10 an acre, while harvesting should not exceed 20 cents per hundred pounds. It is a simple matter to figure the profits. The original investment in a walnut grove may be made a comparatively small amount; thus it appeals particularly to those of limited means.

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