Miscellaneous Varieties Of Clover

In addition to the varieties of clover that have been discussed at some

length in previous chapters are a number the value of which may be

considerable to areas more or less local and limited. These include

Sainfoin, Egyptian clover, Yellow clover, Sand lucerne, Japanese clover,

Beggarweed and Seaside clover. Some of these, as Sainfoin and Buffalo

clover, have been in the country for several years, and yet but little

is known as to their behavior, except in very limited areas. Others, as

Buffalo clover, native to the country are thought to have merit, and yet

the degree of such merit does not appear to have been yet proved under

cultivation. The three varieties but recently introduced are thought to

have considerable promise for certain soils and climates to which they

have special adaptation, but sufficient trial has not been given them to

determine even approximately the measure of their worth to this country.

These varieties will now be discussed, but for the reasons stated above

it will be manifest that the discussion will of necessity be imperfect

and fragmentary in character.

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