Plan Of Discussion

Chapter I., that is, the present chapter, as

already indicated, is introductory, and outlines the nature, scope and

plan of the work. Chapter II. deals with the general principles and

facts which relate to the growing of clovers. A close study of these

will, in the judgment of the author, prove helpful to those who engage

in growing any of the varieties of clover discussed in the book.

Chapters III. to XI. inclusive treat of individual varieties, a chapter

being devoted to each variety. It has been the aim of the author to

discuss them in the order of the relative importance which they bear to

the whole country and to devote space to them accordingly.

The following varieties are discussed and in the order named: Medium Red

clover, Alfalfa, Alsike, Mammoth, Crimson, Small White, Japan, Burr and

Sweet. All of these varieties will be found worthy of more or less

attention on the part of the husbandmen in the various parts of this


Chapter XII. is devoted to a brief discussion of miscellaneous varieties

which have as yet been but little grown in this country, or of varieties

of but local interest. The former are Sainfoin (Onobrychis sativa),

Egyptian clover (Trifolium Alexandrianum), yellow clover (Medicago

lupulina), Sand Lucerne (Medicago media), and a newly introduced

variety of Japanese clover (Lespedeza bicolor). These may prove more

or less valuable to the agriculture of the United States when they have

been duly tested, a work which as yet has been done only in the most

limited way. The latter include Florida clover (Desmodium tortuosum),

more frequently called Beggar Weed, Buffalo clover (Trifolium

reflexum), and Seaside clover (Trifolium invulneratum). These may be

worthy of some attention in limited areas where the conditions are

favorable, but it is not likely that they will ever be very generally

grown. They are dwelt upon rather to show their small economic

importance and with a view to prevent needless experimentation with

plants possessed of so little real merit.

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