Value For Bee Pasture

All authorities are agreed as to the high

value of this plant as a honey producer. The claim has been made for it

that for such a use it is more valuable acre for acre than any ordinary

grain crop. By cutting a part of the crop before it comes into bloom,

the season of honey production may be prolonged from, say, July 1st

until some time in the autumn, as the part thus cut will come into bloom

after the blooms have left the plants that were cut. When not disturbed,

sweet clover yields honey in the interval between the blooming of the

basswood and the golden rod. The honey is of excellent quality. There

should be no good reasons, therefore, why bee-keepers should not sow the

seed in by and waste places. But the wisdom of growing it as a

honey-producing crop on valuable land where other honey crops, as alsike

and white clover, can be grown in good form may be questioned.

Value As A Fertilizer Value On Alkali Soils facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail