Value On Alkali Soils

This plant has been grown to some extent to

aid in removing alkali from soils superabundantly impregnated with the

same. It will grow, it is claimed, under certain conditions on such

soils so surcharged with alkali as to prohibit almost every other form

of vegetable growth. The extent to which it may be thus used profitably

had not yet been fully demonstrated. But where it can be grown on such

soils, the fact that it takes up and removes relatively large quantities

of alkali would appear to be well established.

=Destroying the Plants.=--Should the conditions be found so favorable to

the growth of the plant that it persists in growing where it is not

wanted, it will soon cease to appear, if prevented from going to seed.

Ordinarily, the blossoms appear only during the second year of growth.

If, therefore, the plants are cut off when in bloom, seed forming will

not only be prevented, but since sweet clover is a biennial, the plants

will die. When thus dealt with, the only source from which other plants

may come while extermination is being thus sought is from seed lodged in

the soil and still capable of germinating.


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