(Ascyrum hypericoides; A. Crux-Andreae of Gray) St.

John's-wort family

Flowers - Yellow, 1/2 to 3/4 in. across, terminal and from the

leaf axils. Calyx of 4 sepals in 2 pairs; 4 narrow, oblong

petals; stamens numerous; 2 styles. Stem: Much branched and

spreading from base, 5 to 10 in. high, leafy. Leaves: Opposite,

oblong, small, seated on stem.

Preferred Habitat - Dry, sandy soil; pine barrens.

Flowering Season - July-August.

Distribution - Nantucket Island (Mass.), westward to Illinois,

south to Florida and Texas.

Because the four pale yellow petals of this flower approach each

other in pairs, suggesting a cross with equals arms, the plant

was given its name by Linnaeus in 1753. ST. PETER'S-WORT (A.

stans), a similar plant, found in the same localities, in bloom

at the same time, has larger flowers in small clusters at the

tips only of its upright branches.

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