Artificial Fertilizers

This question is frequently asked! Do you recommend the use of

artificial fertilizers for house plants, and does it benefit them? I

invariably answer yes, if used judiciously. The use of good special

fertilizers will help the growth of some kinds of plants, which, without

such aid, would scarcely meet our expectations. The term artificial

fertilizers, applies to all manurial applications, save those produced

by domestic animals.

I have always believed, however, that when any fertilizer is needed,

good, well-rotted stable-manure should have the preference over all

artificial fertilizers. Where this manure cannot be readily obtained, or

used conveniently, then special fertilizers can be employed as

substitutes with good results. In applying manure in the liquid form to

plants, use an ounce of guano to every gallon of water, and apply it to

those plants that are in a healthy growing condition, about once every

two weeks. It is a mistake to try to stimulate into growth, by the use

of fertilizers, those plants which give every indication of being sickly

or stunted; they will make such a plant sicker, if they do not kill it

outright. If guano is used in potting soil, it should be in the

proportion of one pound to every bushel of soil.

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