C Roses Cultivation And Propagating

The Rose is preeminently the Queen of Flowers. It has no rival in the

floral kingdom, and will always stand at the head in the catalogue of

Flora's choicest gems. To it alone belongs that subtle perfume that

captivates the sense of smell, and that beauty of form and color so

pleasing to the eye. Add to all this, it is one of the easiest plants to

cultivate, as it will grow and flower in almost any soil or climate,

requiring but little care and attention as compared with many other

favorites of the garden. There has been great improvement made in Roses

in the last twenty years by skillful cultivators in this country and in

Europe, and from a few common sorts formerly grown, many hundred choice

and desirable varieties have been produced, and to-day the choice

cultivated varieties are very numerous. These differ in respect to

hardiness, habit of growth, and peculiar characteristics of blooming,

and for these reasons cultivators have grouped them into several

distinct classes, each class differing in certain characteristics from

the others.

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