Hardy Climbing Vines Ivies

Hardy Climbing Vines seem to be in large demand in different sections of

the country, either for training upon trellises as single specimens, or

for training upon the side of the building, piazza, portico, or to

screen unsightly places, etc. We select from a large number of hardy

climbing vines the following sorts, which we think are the most


Wistaria, Chinese (blue and white).

Honeysuckles, Belgian.

Clematis Jackman's (purple).

Clematis Henry's (pure white).

Clematis, viticella rubra grandiflora (red).

Virginia Creeper, Ampelopsis quinquefolia (strong grower).

Japan Creeper, Ampelopsis tricuspidata, or Veitchii, of most catalogues.

Bignonia, Trumpet-Flower.

Rose, Baltimore Belle (white).

Rose, Queen of the Prairies (pink).

All of the above named vines are strong, vigorous growers, perfectly

hardy, and with the exception of the two Creepers, are handsome


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