How To Prepare Callas For Winter Blooming

After three months of this rest; or about the first of October, we

"dump" out the plant, shake off all the old soil from the bulb or bulbs,

and re-pot in fine, rich soil, using pots one size larger than those

used the previous year; place the plants in a cool, shady spot, and

water freely. Let them remain for two or three weeks, until new roots

have formed, after which all danger is passed, and they can be removed

into full light and heat. When growing, water freely. An application of

strong liquid-manure once a week will add greatly to the growth of the

plants, and to the number of blossoms produced. A very pretty effect can

be obtained by arranging the plants about a fountain or pond where they

will bloom freely throughout the summer season, presenting a tropical

appearance. They will also grow well by standing the pots completely in

the water.

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