Insects Upon Plants

The little green insects so frequently seen on house-plants, are called

aphis (plural aphides), plant-lice, or green-fly. They feed upon the

tender growth of plants, especially the new leaves, and will rapidly sap

and destroy the life of any plant if allowed to remain undisturbed. In

the spring these insects abound in great numbers on the plants in

green-houses and parlors, or wherever they may be growing, and the

remedy should be promptly applied. The greatest enemy to the green-fly

is tobacco smoke, made by burning the stems, the refuse of the

cigar-maker's shops; allowing the smoke to circulate among the leaves to

which the insects are attached, will readily exterminate them. Place the

infested plant under a barrel, an ordinary cracker barrel will do, and

put under it a pan of burning tobacco, slightly moistened with water.

Leave the plant in the smoke for fifteen or twenty minutes, after which

remove it. If one "smoking" fails to destroy the insects, repeat the

dose three or four times, once each day, until they are completely


A strong solution, or "tea," made from soaking tobacco stems in water,

and syringing the same over the plants, will effectually destroy the

little pests, and not injure the plant in the operation.

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