This is the most important matter relating to a good lawn. In selecting

a site upon which to build, not the least consideration should be the

possibility of having a fine lawn, one that will cost as little as

possible to keep in a nice and attractive condition. The nearer level

the land is, the better. If a house is built on an elevation back from

the road, a sloping lawn has a good effect. Where the land is rolling

and hilly, it should be graded into successive terraces, which, though

rather expensive, will look well. Low lands should be avoided as much as

possible in selecting a site on which it is intended to make a good

lawn. Low land can be improved by thorough under-drainage. If the land

is wet on which we design making a lawn, we should first thoroughly

underdrain it by laying tiles two rods apart, and two feet below the

surface. Large-growing trees should never be planted on the lawn, grass

will not thrive under them. Fruit trees, like the apple, cherry, and

peach, are exceedingly out of place on a fine lawn. The finest yard we

ever saw had not a tree on it that exceeded ten feet in hight. Flowering

shrubs, low-growing evergreens, a few weeping and deciduous trees of

moderate size, with flower-beds neatly planted, make an attractive


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