Rockeries How To Make Them

Many have a taste for forming grotesque pieces of rock work, selecting

therefor such oddly-shaped and variously-colored rocks as may be

gathered near the locality; these are generally piled in the form of a

pyramid in a conspicuous place on the lawn, and if nicely arranged,

cannot be surpassed in attractiveness, and are in pleasing contrast with

the flower-beds and shrubbery. Some prefer to have merely the bare rocks

heaped into a pile, which will appear grotesque and rugged; others set

out suitable plants, and train vines to creep over them. We think the

latter the best method, where common rocks are used, but if one is

fortunate enough to live in a locality where a large number of

variously-colored rocks can be obtained, their natural colors when

arranged will make them highly attractive. One of the finest pieces of

work of this kind we ever saw, was formed of a number of rocks gathered

from almost every country on the globe, each stone having a peculiar

tint of its own. On the top of this valuable pile was a rare specimen of

Red Rock obtained from Siberia, in the region of eternal frost.

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