The Calla Lily

The Calla Lily, or "The Lily of the Nile," is an old and popular

favorite, and is found in window-garden collections everywhere. It is a

native of the tropics, where it is said it grows to an enormous size; a

single flower often measuring one to two feet in diameter. The Calla

will attain its highest perfection if planted in a rich, mucky soil,

obtained from a swamp or bog. It also requires an abundance of water

during the growing season. Callas, like all other bulbous plants, must

have a season of rest. If required to bloom during the winter or spring

months, they must be rested in the summer season, if this is not done we

must not expect to have any success in flowering them. The blooming

season can be reversed if desired, by resting in winter. Without

allowing them at least three months of rest, it is useless to expect to

flower them successfully. By "resting," we mean to withhold water, and

allow the leaves and stalks to die down completely to the bulb. Then

turn the pot on its side under a tree or grape-arbor, and let the soil

dry up completely; this will kill the stalk but not injure the bulb.

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