The Maidenhairs

Of the beautiful, but delicate, adiantums perhaps the one most

frequently seen in the florist's window is A. Farleyense, with its

drooping, lace-like, light green leaves. It is not, however, suited for

house culture and while it can be made to succeed, do not waste time in

trying it until you have mastered the growing of the hardier sorts.

However, just because Farleyense is so delicate, do not feel that you

cannot have any maidenhair fern. Croweanum is another beautiful

adiantum, and as its fronds are much firmer than those of most of this

class, it withstands the trying conditions of house culture very

satisfactorily. Another maidenhair, often called the hardy

Farleyense, is Adiantum c. v. imbricatum. As its name suggests, it

looks very much like the Farley fern, but it is suitable for house

culture. It is a very satisfactory fern. And just recently there is

another from England called the Glory fern (Glory of Moordrecht). I have

not seen it, but certainly from photographs and what the horticultural

journals have said of it, it will make a very fine fern for the winter


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