Tobacco. Half-hardy annual

The delicious fragrance of the Tobacco plant, especially during the

morning and evening, has made it a great favourite in the greenhouse and

conservatory, as well as in beds and borders near frequented paths.

As a pot plant too, the Nicotiana is exceedingly useful, the large

sweet-scented white, soft pink, and rich red coloured flowers being very

attractive. A group of plants placed in the porch will, in the earlier

and later hours of the day, as the door is opened, fill the house with

their delightful perfume. Seed may be sown from January to June, and a

continuance of bloom may thus be secured during nearly nine months of

the year. Prick off the seedlings as soon as they are fit to handle, for

if sown too thickly they are liable to damp off rapidly. Gradually

harden off if required for planting out in May or June. In some places,

more especially in the South of England, Tobacco seed sown on an open

sunny border early in May will produce fine plants that will flower

freely in August.

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