Apple Growing

Time Of Spraying

Fortunately it is not necessary to make a separate application for each insect and disease, but they may be treated together to some extent. In most cases expediency demands that the arsenicals be used with the fungicides. Many growers are finding the most satisfactory

results, however, from applying the arsenical spray separately, just after the blossoms fall, because of the physical impossibility of properly applying the two sprays--the driving and the mist spray--together. For most practical purposes on the general farm, three sprayings are necessary in order to secure clean fruit and four, sometimes five, are often advisable. These may be summarized as follows: 1. With lime-sulphur, winter strength, on the dormant wood in early spring. 2. With lime-sulphur and arsenate of lead just before the blossoms open (may sometimes be omitted). 3. With the same (or Bordeaux for scab) just after the blossoms fall. 4. With the same two or three weeks later. 5. With arsenate of lead eight or nine weeks later (may sometimes be omitted). (In the south and middle latitudes where bitter rot and apple blotch occur two other sprayings may be necessary.) 6. With Bordeaux about eight or ten weeks after the blossoms fall. 7. Again with the same about two weeks later. A Calendar for Spraying Apples --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- INSECTS Nature Before Before After In 2 In 8 Materials of Leaf Flower Petals to 3 to 9 to Injury Buds Buds Fall Weeks Weeks Use Open Open --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Codling Eating x x x Lead Moth Worm Arsenate or Par. Gr. --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- San JoseSucking x Lime Scale Insect Sulphur --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Oyster Sucking x Lime Shell Insect Sulphur Scale --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Blister Leaf x Lime Mite Miner Sulphur --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Plant Sucking when seen Whale Oil Louse Insect Soap or Tobacco --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Cigar Eating x x x Lead Case Insect Arsenate Bearer or Par. Gr. --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Apple Eating x x destroy fruit Lead Maggot Worm Arsenate or Par. Gr. --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Bud Eating x x x Lead Moth Worm Arsenate or Par. Gr. --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Curculio Eating x x Lead Worm & Arsenate Beetle or Par. Gr. --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- =Diseases= --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Apple Fungus x x x x if Lime Scab necessary Sulphur or Bordeaux 3-3.50 --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- New York Fungus x? cut out Lime Apple infections Sulphur Tree Canker --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Leaf Fungus x x x Lime Spot Sulphur --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+---------- Sooty x x x Bordeaux Blotch Mixture and Lime Sulphur --------+--------+--------+--------+--------+-------+---------+----------

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