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There are but two plant diseases likely to attack plants in the house: fungus and mildew. The first seems to be a sort of decomposition of the leaf, leaving a black, powdery residue. It is combated by spraying with bordeaux. Bordeaux can now

be had in paste or powder form, which for small quantities is much better than to try to mix it yourself. Mildew causes the tenderest leaves to curl up and some of them seem to be covered with a white powder. Flowers of sulphur, dusted over the plants while the foliage is damp, is the standard remedy. For the sake of ready reference, the foregoing is condensed in the following simple table of plant insects and diseases. ======================================================================= INSECT CONDITIONS OR SUPPORTING REMEDIES DISEASE GROWTH -------------------+----------------------+---------------------------- Aphis, green and Shade; poor Aphine; tobacco-dust black ventilation; or tea; kerosene thick foliage emulsion; hot water bath; insect powder. Aphis, blue Stunted growth; Whale-oil soap lack of water solution; repotting; tobacco tea applied to roots. Thrips, 1/4 inch, Shaded places; Kerosene emulsion; long, brown or crowded plants Paris green--1 black; they eat. teaspoon to 12 quarts Mealy bugs } water. Other scale } Corners; close, Brush off; coal-oil; insects } dry air kerosene emulsion; hot water. Red spider Hot, dry Moisture, sulphur, atmosphere hot water. Rose-beetle Hand picking; wood ashes. White flies Dry foliage Kerosene emulsion. (Aleyrodes) Slugs Dark corners; Air-slaked lime. dampness; sweetened bran and decaying wood Paris green. Ants Insect powder; molasses traps. Angleworms Dampness; heavy Lime; lime-water; soil tobacco tea, and tobacco dust washed into soil. White grub Manure not old enough. Destroy. Fungous leaf spot Shocks; checks Bordeaux; Fungine. Mildew Checks Flowers of sulphur; Fungine. ======================================================================= To make the kerosene emulsion, use 2 ounces of soap (whale-oil is much better than the common), 1 quart of boiling water (over brisk fire), 2 quarts of kerosene oil. Dissolve the soap in boiling water, remove from fire, and add oil. Churn or beat until of the consistency of cream. If correctly mixed, the emulsion, on cooling, will adhere without oiliness to glass. Use rain water, if possible; if not, add a little baking soda to the water. For scale insects, dilute with 10 parts of water; for aphis and soft insects, with 15 or 20 parts water. In using kerosene emulsion, apply in fine spray. Remember it must come in contact with the insect to be effective.

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