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Hybrid Perpetual And Moss Roses

Both of the above classes are entirely distinct from either the Tea, Noisette, or Bourbon Roses; they are entirely hardy, exceedingly free-bloomers in their season--from June to July; their flowers have a delightful perfume, and are noted for the richness and variety of

their colors. They require to be closely pruned annually. The spring is the most desirable time to prune. They should have a top-dressing of manure every fall. The ground should be kept well shaded around their roots in summer. They require a strong, rich soil to make them flower well. These roses are not desirable for house culture. The following are among the best varieties of the Hybrid Perpetual, or Remontant Roses: Gen. Jacqueminot.--Brilliant crimson-scarlet; magnificent buds. La Reine.--Deep rosy-pink; an ideal rose. Coquette des Alps.--White; blooms in clusters. Black Prince.--Blackish-crimson; large, full, and globular. Victor Verdier.--Rich deep-rose; elegant buds.

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