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Rhodanthe (Swan River Everlasting)

These beautiful everlastingflowers are half-hardy annuals and are suitable for beds or ribbons, and make most graceful plants for pot culture, placing four plants in a 5-in. pot. They thrive best in fibrous peat or a rich, light soil, and prefer a warm

situation. Used largely for winter bouquets, and are perfect gems for pot culture. A succession of bloom may be obtained by sowings made in August, October, and March. The temperature of the seed-pots should be kept at from 60 to 70 degrees, and the soil kept constantly damp with water of the same heat. After potting the seedlings remove them to a cooler house and keep them near the glass. Those sown in March may be planted in the open in June, where they will flower in autumn. Height, 1 ft. Rhodochiton--This evergreen climber makes a fine plant for trellis-work. It is more suitable for the greenhouse, though it may be grown in the open in summer. A light, rich, well-drained soil is its delight, and it may be propagated by seed or by cuttings under glass. In the greenhouse it should not be placed near the pipes. July is its time for flowering. Height, 10 ft.

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